Partnered with Cisco to offer an enhanced guest experience for CUCM and XML Phones

Technology Development Partners

As a Cisco Systems Technology Developer Partner, we offer our Parallax, Precision VM, and Informant CAS software to hotels, enabling hotel telephony features on Cisco's Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) as well as guest-facing IP XML phone applications that integrate with virtually all major property management systems.


Introducing a new Webex interface for the hospitality industry. Webex Unified Communication is available to the hospitality market for administrative call control, and now hotels can deploy Webex extensions for guest rooms. Connecting your Webex account with Parallax will allow you to interface with your hotel’s property management system (PMS) to enable hotel features like guest name Caller-ID, Wake-up Calls and allow housekeepers to update PMS room status using Webex calling. Explore the Webex Marketplace for certified applications like Parallax.

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To configure your Parallax Bot for Webex, please contact us at

With Parallax Bot for Webex, Hotel Front Desk Agents and Call Center Operators are no longer required to manually log into separate systems to fulfill guest requests. You can now enter commands to set wake up calls, service requests, and get housekeeping room status updates by simply messaging Parallax Bot.

911 Emergency Notifications

The NEW Emergency 911 notification for CUCM provides emergency notification and call routing when 911 is dialed. Notifications will be deployed as soon as 911 is dialed, not upon call termination. 911 calls are sent directly to emergency responders, while a set of notification triggers will be sent internally, to begin on-site assistance.
  • Pop-up Desktop Notifications at Front Desk
  • Send SMS to Security Desk and Management Personnel
  • Email Alerts to On or Off-Site Management Team
  • IVR Emergency Phone Calls to Security Desk and Management Office
Parallax provides your CUCM and Cisco Display Handsets with hospitality centric features like Wake-Up Calls, Do-Not-Disturb, Housekeeping Room Updates, Custom XML Display, and many more!

Parallax Features

  • Guest Information
  • Secondary Check-in/out
  • Set Automated & VIP Wake-up Calls
  • Set and Override Do-Not-Disturb
  • Room Move
  • Room Swap
  • 911 Emergency Features
  • Caller ID
  • DID Assignment
  • Housekeeping Room Status Updates
  • PBX, PMS and VM’s Status Indicators
  • Housekeeping Status Report
  • Check-in/out Report
  • Mini-bar Report

Parallax XML Features

  • Broadcast Guest Message
  • Broadcast Text Message
  • Multi-Language Welcome Message
  • Idle Message
  • Satisfaction Feedback & Alert
  • Hotel Information
  • Dining Directory
  • Area Attractions
  • Hotel Events
  • Housekeeping Graphical Update
  • Stock Market
  • Weather
  • Airlines
  • Express Do-Not-Disturb
Precision VM works with your CUCM to enhance your guest's mailbox. Easily move voicemails between rooms and retrieve voicemails after a guest has checked out.

Precision VM Features

  • Message Forward
  • .wav File Email Notification
  • Full Mailbox Reset
  • Save, Delete, Repeat, Message Information, Forward, Reply, etc.
  • Suite Feature
  • Message waiting indicator
Informant CAS is your ultimate call accounting software that makes it easy to use with over 50 canned reports and auto-report feature.

Informant CAS Features

  • Traffic Analysis
  • Staff Monitoring
  • Abuse and Misuse Detection
  • Cost Allocation
  • Rate Table Updates and Mark Ups
  • Message waiting indicator
  • Historical Call Archive
  • Carrier Bill Reconciliation
  • Directory
  • Time and Bill Interface
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Integrates with all leading PBX Manufacturers


Industry-leading hospitality gateway that offers secondary check-in/out, wake-up call, Do-Not-Disturb and many more!
A flexible hospitality voice mail system that moves with your guest during and retrievable after their stay.
Feature-rich and cost-effective CAS seamlessly integrates to your property management system for accurate billing to the guest folio.